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Green Dentistry

Our belief in approaching dentistry as a wellness practice guides our decisions.

Being a green dentist means rethinking how we approach everything from patient care to the processes we use at our dental practice to the environment we work in and the wider world outside.

Ours is a wellness-based approach to practicing dentistry that reduces waste and pollution, saves energy, water and money, and incorporates high-tech innovations for the betterment of our patients and the environment.

Here are a few ways we try and be a green practice:

Paperless Charts

All patient forms and paperwork is completed electronically, either through our website or at our office.  This also allows for security of your private information through multiple layers of authorization and encryption.

Digital X-rays

Our digital X-Ray system eliminates the use of traditional chemical fixatives used to create X-Rays as well as reducing the amount of radiation and electricity necessary to create the image.  This system provides an immediate image that helps to expedite your appointment as well as helping you to understand your dental needs by allowing you to see what the dentist sees on the computer monitor.

Steam-based Sterilization

Our office employs two steam-based surgical-grade instrument sterilization units, which use water instead of harmful chemicals.

Green Cleaning Lines

Our office switched to a non-chlorinated cleansing line to clean the water lines that run through the dental chair you sit in during treatment, reducing the amount of chemicals that end up in local aquifers

Water Filtration

Our water filtration system siphons out old alloy (metal) fillings and ensures mercury does not get into the environment.


We work with our friends at Waste Management to recycle all possible paper and plastic.